Southwest Panhandle Search & Rescue K9

Emotional First Aid Team  



HUMAN REMAINS K-9s - land & water 

Unfortunately, some missions become a matter of search and recovery. Our highly specialized K-9′s are trained in all areas of human remains detection (new or aged) and to alert the handler of its location. They prove invaluable to investigators in solving difficult cases. (no case is too old)


It’s critical for the tracking / trailing K-9′s to be brought in 1st on the scene. They are trained to use a scent article of a specific person to assist Law Enforcement in determining the direction of travel. These K9′s have the ability to work on multiple surfaces making them adaptable to both wilderness and urban trails. 


When you think of the lost person, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Our K-9′s drastically reduce the number of human searchers needed by covering large areas in a very short period of time. They are trained to detect and alert on live human scent and can clear areas that are not easily accessible to humans.

Welcome to the Southwest Panhandle Search and Rescue K-9/EFA Team website!

Our team was formed in January 2008 when the members came together to provide a regional K-9 unit. We added the emotional first aid team to help families deal with the emotional stress and grief processes that are associated with having a loved one go missing. We are a diverse group of individuals with hundreds of hours of experience that include nationally certified  searchers, certified emotional first aid responders, skilled search planners, and K-9 units trained in the following five  disciplines:

Air Scenting (or Area Search)
Human Remains detection on land and water
Therapy K-9s


These K-9s are our Emotional First Aid Component.

They take time to sit and love-on the elderly, those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, young children with terminal illnesses, persons in assisted living facilities, and of course our wounded warriors. They are truly guardians of those frail hearts that they come in contact with.